St. Paul’s Anglican Church is not only Halifax’s most historic building—we also serve our community and provide a place of education and sanctuary in downtown Halifax. Whether you’re a member of the congregation, you live in the surrounding neighbourhood, or you’re a visitor to Halifax, your donation will go a long way to keeping St. Paul’s a vital, contributing member of our community. Expenses at St. Paul’s are over $1000/day.  Donations of all sizes are welcome.

Feel free to send a cheque to:

St. Paul’s Anglican Church
1749 Argyle Street
Halifax, NS, Canada
B3J 3K4

We can also now accept e-transfer!  Simply enter our new email address ( in your ‘recipients’ list when in your financial institution’s website; no password required – your funds will deposit to our account automatically and we are also notified automatically.  Our office then sends you a ‘thank you’ email to confirm that we did indeed receive it!

AND, you can also be automatically set up through our office so that a monthly donation comes out of your chosen account at the same time every month and then directly deposited to our church account with RBC.  It’s so convenient and such a great way to offer financial assistance without the need to be reminded, or when you are away on vacation, etc.  We call it Pre-Authorized Donating (PAD).  Simply contact our Parish Office to sign up!

AND, visit where we are a listed Registered Charity, should you prefer an anonymous donation or choose that option for other reasons!

Of course, you can always donate in person at any services that you attend, or even if you’re simply popping by for a visit to our historic site during open hours!

If you would like to purchase Altar flowers In Memory of a Loved One, please contact our office.  Orders are $60 per arrangement.