St. Paul’s has been opening its church doors to pilgrims since 1750.

It gives deep thanks to the Mi’kmaq on whose ancestral lands it was built.

It is committed to ongoing reconciliation with them and their land.



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Community — Landmark — Sanctuary

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Please join us for a service

  • Sundays: 10 am Eucharist (alternate BCP/BAS) with Children’s Programme
  • Wednesdays: 11 am Eucharist (BCP)
  • Typically 9 am Morning Prayer (Matins) Mondays through Fridays on-site (Hybrid Matins t.b.a..).  Between Christmas and New Years Day we are closed.

What you'll find at St. Paul's

Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds who wish to join us on our faith journey, as we follow Jesus Christ. Week by week for almost 275 years, people from all walks of life have gathered in our building, in joyful celebration of the love of  God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

  • Worship With Us

  • For more than 14,000 Sundays worshippers have gathered here to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection, to read God’s word and to hear it preached from the pulpit, to bring before Him the needs of the world and to offer Him humble thanks for his goodness.
  • Explore History

  • St. Paul’s is the oldest building in Halifax and the oldest existing Anglican place of worship in Canada. Founded by proclamation of King George II in 1749, the building was erected in the summer of 1750.
  • Find Sanctuary

  • A sanctuary is a place of refuge from danger, and many have entered St. Paul’s Church with that in mind since the mid-eighteenth century. In its early days the most obviously vulnerable have sought refuge, or been carried to it, during catastrophes—the injured, the dying, the dead.
  • Parish Life & Parish Missions

    Who We Are & What We Do

    St. Paul’s has a rich and busy community life anchored in shared worship (liturgy). Our parish life includes community luncheons, Christian education, and other programmes, such as:

  • St. Paul’s Church Music
  • Programmes for children & youth
  • Important community events
  • St. Paul’s also has a number of outreach programmes and missions in which we serve our community:
  • St. Paul’s Home
  • FISH 2.0 
  • The Rector’s Lunch
  • Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre
  • St. Mark’s Food Bank
  • The Holly House
  • Contact St. Paul’s

    Telephone: 902-429-2241
    Fax: 902-429-8230

  • for The Parish Administrator (remote location)
  • for the Administrative Assistant (Halifax location)
  • Email the rector, the Rev. Dr. Paul Friesen
  • See all team members and their contact info
  • Listen to Sermons