10am Eucharist (Communion)
Non-Communion Video released that afternoon to the parish email list

11 am Eucharist (Communion); not videoed

Matins (Morning Prayer)
Typically 9am in-house Matins is Monday to Friday (HYBRID option t.b.a.).  For the month of July 2023, Matins is on summer holiday.


Join us for worship and liturgy

Sunday services are held at 10:00 am and alternate between the traditional (BCP: Book of Common Prayer) and contemporary (BAS:  Book of Alternative Services) format.

In addition to the Sunday service, St. Paul’s also holds a Chancel Eucharist service each Wednesday from 11:00-11:30, to which all are invited to attend.

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Discover Halifax’s past

The cost of maintaining this building is over $1000/day; so we sincerely welcome donations of any size.

Visitors to St. Paul’s discover a church rich in objects of interest. Its walls and pillars are studded with mural tablets, heraldic devices, and other memorials. The tombs beneath the floor hold the remains of distinguished leaders of church and state.  Please note that Nova Scotia Provincial Health protocols are followed by St. Paul’s as they change.

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Nave Hours
Quiet prayer hours/visitation
10am – 2pm Monday – Friday

Please utilize our two QR codes that you will find at our Welcome Table in the Nave!

Find peace of mind and spirit

The Halifax congregation that would within a decade be named after the Apostle Paul was established in 1749; its building rose at one end of the Grand Parade up the hill from the harbour the following summer. And that order of things is crucial when talking about sanctuary, for it is a community of faith—’the church’ that hallows the building we call ‘a church’ and makes its space into a sanctuary.

A sanctuary is a place of refuge from danger, and many have entered St. Paul’s Church with that in mind since the mid-eighteenth century. In its early days the most obviously vulnerable have sought refuge, or been carried to it, during catastrophes—the injured, the dying, the dead. But over the decades others have continued to stream in.  Please note that current Provincial Health protocols are being implemented (masks required, etc.).

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