Due to the Health and Safety restrictions placed by the Provincial Government during COVID, our parish has determined that it may be more wise to refrain from accepting food item donations for some Outreach Programs and instead we suggest monetary donations.  We appreciate ANY amount.  As a sample of some of the work that dedicated volunteers undertake, here is a video about a Christmas Fundraiser that our active Women’s Group initiated a few years ago (they love new members by the way):

The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest. Psalm 85:12


The costs of running this historic parish is over $1000/day.  So your generous financial assistance can be directed to our GENERAL FUNDS if you care to assist with those costs.

Alternatively, you may support one of our Outreach and Mission groups by specifying on your donation the name of your chosen intention (and don’t forget to indicate your mailing address if you would like a charitable donation receipt created by the end of each February yearly – receipts are created for amounts over $25 only):

Below are the Outreach and Mission organizations that we regularly support:

The Primates World Relief and Development Fund      www.pwrdf.org

St. Mark’s Food Bank    www.stmarkshalifax.ca

The Rector’s Discretionary Fund (RDF)      www.stpaulshalifax.org/missions/the-rectors-lunch

The Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre      www.mymnfc.com

Holly House (A Division of The Elizabeth Fry Society)    www.efrymns.ca

FISH Coffee House    www.stpaulshalifax.org/missions/fish-coffee-house