The FISH Coffeehouse was established in 2002 and serves the downtown community of Halifax with patrons of all ages coming from throughout Halifax and Dartmouth. It provides a quiet place to enjoy coffee, snacks, games and conversation. It is located in St. Paul’s Parish House. It was previously a gathering on Saturday evenings 6-8 PM and all ages were welcomed. 

We, like everyone,  were on ‘pause’ during the COVID  Social-distancing rules.  During this time, our team was very busy renovating the FISH space at Parish House, 1706  Argyle St.,  Halifax.  We have reopened and now gather (since Friday, September 9th, 2022) on the first Friday of every month! (6-8pm)!   FISH continues to accept financial donations so that the Team can purchase what the visitors need.  See you there and God Bless!